Very Important People helping us help others! We are in the process of getting our 501c3 Non profit Status for our non profit..This is a group of folks who want to help but dont know who, how, where or what to do to help. Our CEO, Janice Mann, has been providing those who have less with food, help with utilities, funding for emergencies, medical emergencies, etc for years. She is always looking for other ways to lend a hand. You see, she believes that feeding a person a fish is not the same as teaching the person to fish. She grew up financially challenged and she knows how it feels to not have what she needed. Reaching out to give a hand up is an everyday behavior in her life and in the lives of those she keeps in her sacred space.

There are a few options for becoming a member of this private non profit group who is giving without expecting anything in return. Everyone loves loving.
1. You can sent a one time gift anytime of the year and we will register you into our organization as an angel.
2. You can give a gift every month that can be taken off a registered credit card with a signed authorization form giving us permissions to draft the charge. You choose the level of the gift.
3. At the end of the year you will get an electronic statement acknowledging the total amount given for your records.

We also have a membership program for those who want to get special discounts on shopping, coupons to use when shopping and preferential admission and seating when we travel to your area for workshops,seminars, events etc.from both and

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